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By noon, should the team begin driving to South jersey, is available tallied 120 species way off their ideal pace. “The goal was to leave north of manchester with 150 birds, manley says with a sigh. Spirits revive as the Dabblers pick up a little species from sightings along the wholesale patriots jerseys highway. On a gut suffering from, Johnson detours to a spot he has marked as a backup for locating bobolink, A species they missed in the grasslands. within minutes, They high a bobolink, some gra completesshopper span actualrrow, And an western meadowlark. The team celebrate with soggy sandwiches, But worries soon build again as they miss turn after turn while driving south through the Pine Barrens. “I’m about ready to bag it, johnson growls. Two hours down the track, The waterlogged Dabblers get through to the end of their route in Cape May. The team’s tally stands at 158. Most teams finish with an average of 165 birds, So a total Dabblers score of around 190 might take start. The sun breaks from clouds as the Dabblers set their scopes atop tripods on the beach sand of South Cape May Meadows. Boyd pops open a Busch easy. abruptly, the sky spits marble size hail. johnson snaps.